C290 is a wood-burning cassette fire for air heating. With 890mm width and 550mm height, C290 is the "big brother" of the Vision Series providing a higher power output that is suitable for heating larger rooms. As a main feature of the Vision Series the C290 has a serigraphed glass front that covers the metal structure providing a modern and sleek design. The C290 is built according to the most demanding European Standards reaching a 76% efficiency level with which allows you to heat your home at an affordable cost.




Fuel   Wood
Power Output   9 a 14 kW
Efficiency   76%
Consumption   1,9 to 3,5 kg per hour
Fan   Auto 2 speed
Dimensions   890 x 550 x 450 mm
Gas Exhaust   Ø200 mm
Weight   115 kg

Energy Class