Lisboa 900 DF EA

Perfect for installing as a separation between two ambiences or rooms this double sided stove is not only a heating solution but also an outstanding ornamental piece. This stove combines a classic and timeless design with the latest developments in eciency. A triple combustion system will ensure a perfect and controlled combustion and a beautiful wavy ame. The high performance fans are silent and dual speed for increased comfort. As with all BLACK SERIES stoves it has an outdoor air intake which will improve the eciency of the combustion, the quality of the air inside the building and will avoid technical malfunctions due to uctuations in air pressure.











Power 10 a 14 Kw
Efficiency 80 %
Consumption 3,4 Kg
Fan Man./Auto. 2 speed
Dimension 890 x 548 x 430 mm
Gas Exaust Ø150 mm
Weight 142 Kg

Energy Class