Lisboa 700 EA

This stove has a sleek and rened design nished with chromed details in the door and handle. BLACK SERIES stoves provide a wide view of the ame whilst keeping a low fuel consumption assuring good levels of eciency. The triple combustion system provides a perfectly controlled ame while the silent dual speed fans can be controlled to regulate the hot air outtake. As with all BLACK SERIES stoves it has an outdoor air intake which will improve the eciency of the combustion, the quality of the air inside the building and will avoid technical malfunctions due to uctuations in air pressure.











Potência 9 a 12 Kw
Rendimento 82%
Consumo 2.8 Kg
Ventilador Man./Auto. 2 speeds
Dimensões 690 x 548 x 350 mm
Saída de fumos Ø150 mm
Peso 97 Kg

Classe energética