C680h is a wood burning cassette fire for air and water heating. With a front glass that covers all the metal structure of the stove and a built-in water boiler this stove merges design and functionality in one single equipment. The boiler functionality allows you to connect your stove to a central heating system and reuse the heat provided by the wood burning all the rooms of your house. Whilst helping you to reduce your energy bill this solution will also reduce your fossile fuels, such as gas or petrol, consumptions and make your house more environmental friendly. Like all our products the C680h stove is built according to the most demanding European Standards giving you a warranty of quality, safety and efficiency. 






Fuel   Wood
Power Output   15 a 24 kW
Efficiency   72%
Consumption   4,5 a 8,8 kg
Fan   n/a
Dimensions   780 x 575 x 545 mm
Gas Exhaust   Ø200 mm
Weight   194 kg

Energy Class