C590h is a wood burning cassette fire for air and water heating. In addition to the usual stove's air heating capabilities this stove has a water boiler that whilst connected to a central heating system can supply heating from wood burning to all the house. WIth this solution the heat produced by the wood burning will be reused for heating the rest of the house allowing you to reduce your energy bill whilst making your house more environmental friendly due to the reduction of fossile fuels, such as gas or petrol, consumption. C590h is a bigger version of the C580h sharing the same features but offering a higher power output and, as all Termofoc stoves is built according to the most demanding European standards giving a warranty of quality, safety and efficiency.




Fuel   Wood
Power Output   17 a 32 kW
Power Output   72%
Consumption   5,5 to 9,7 kg per hour
Fan   n/a
Dimensions   880 x 575 x 545 mm
Gas Exhaust   Ø200 mm
Weight   220 kg

Energy Class