C580h is a wood burning cassette fire for air and water heating. In addition to working as a normal air heating stove the C580h contains a water boiler that whilst connected to a central heating system allows the usage of the heat from the wood burning to heat the other rooms of the house. This solutions will help you to reduce you energy bill but it's also a environmental friendly solution since it helps reducing the fossile fuels, such as gas or petrol, consumption. This stove is built following the most demanding European Standards assuring you its quality, safety and efficiency.




Fuel   Wood
Power Output   15 a 24 kW
Efficiency   72%
Consumption   4,5 a 8,8 kg
Fan   n/a
Dimensions   780 x 575 x 545 mm
Gas Exhaust   Ø200 mm
Weight   193 kg

Energy Class