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Termofoc is a company specialising in the manufacture of decorative biomass heating solutions.

With more than 15 years of industry experience, Termofoc has a wide range of steel plate wood burning heating stoves adaptable to all types of fireplaces.

Our products ally a sleek and modern design with the highest quality standards. All our heating stoves are built with laser cut carbon steel plate with 1,5 to 10mm thickness and welded to the highest precision.

A refractory material, with 800 kg/m3 density known as vermiculite, lines the stoves’ interior, and a highly transparent glass-ceramic door, resistant to a temperature of 750°C, closes the system whilst giving you a beautiful view to the flame.

Thanks to our high quality demands, all the Termofoc stoves have received certification according to the European standards CE 13229 and CN13240 and were classified as A level in the efficiency scale – higher than 70%.

We aim to turn the oldest heating solution in the world into an indispensable experience, adding a feeling of comfort and well being to your life.

We hope you enjoy our product range, which, we have developed with your needs in mind.